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I come from a family of dressmakers and hand builders, who channeled their curiosity through the the basic routines of procedure and technique. This ethos of respect for tradition, mixed with the challenge of trial and error is the same dynamic which guides my creativity.

Drawing is the source of my visual constructions, a practice I’ve done since childhood. It helps me to see abstractly and representationally. It is through this process, and the willingness to be in the unknown, I began to wonder if I could create three dimensional forms based on the two dimensional drawings.

I tried rattan reed, a basket weaving material. It is linear in nature, doesn’t require expensive equipment, has a rich history of traditional techniques, and a tolerance for trial and error. All of these factors, along with workshops and a community of contemporary basket weavers, has led me to new ways of ‘making’ nontraditional forms.

My inspiration is Nature’s beauty, the flora and fauna surrounding us. I also turn to other artists, past and present, whose work I love. These include Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse, Ruth Asawa, Hilma af Klint, Elizabeth Murray, and the traditional lineage of exceptional Basket Weavers world wide.